1st. Private Exhibition STRANGE & BEAUTIFUL

1st. Solo Exhibition
a cup of cocktail for a one special person
Jun. 3(fri) – Jun. 15(wed) 2011
Seong-nam Arts Center, Main Gallery

I think that it is a professional artist who can make a special gift to everyone. My first solo exhibition (in 2011), I built up a new section entitled STRANGE & BEAUTIFUL (a cup of cocktail for a special person). I intended to give dark ‘Bar’ feeling to every audience. So I installed a neon sign in a dark room and made displayed 40 images of my friends. This special section intended that I presented special Cocktails to every single character. I hope this work lead audience participation. So me and others sympathetic to everyone’s situation and share an opinions and want to put in my work.


1st.개인전 – 성남의 얼굴들 수상작가 개인전
– 전시 날짜 : 2011. 06. 03(금) – 06. 15(수)
– 전시 장소 : 성남아트센터 본관
– 전시 주제 : a cup of cocktail for a one special person
낯설지만 아름다운 한사람을 위한 특별한 칵테일
– 전시 구성 : 평면 (Oil Painting & Digital Print & Silk Screen & Drawing) + 입체물(Neon Sign) 60-70점