Vagarious Flower

2016_10_The Creation of Muse_Vagarious Flower (Freesia and Unicorn)_79.5 x 40cm . oil & digital print on canvas . 2016 3000pixel 72dpi

The Creation of Muse
Vagarious Flower (Freesia and Unicorn)

79.5 x 40cm . oil & digital print on canvas . 2016
The beginning of the girl is based on eccentricity that is far from reality like freesia that means ‘innocence’ in the language of flowers. Even though the unicorn appeared in the legend is smaller and less sensitive than a horse, its horn is said to prevent people from evil forces and cure all diseases. Although it is known as a clever and very timid and hard-to-catch animal, it symbolizes innocence together with a saint woman because it is said to be easily obedient by the touch of an innocent girl.

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