Pure Flower

2016_10_The Creation of Muse_Pure Flower (Lily and Owl)_79.5 x 40cm . oil & digital print on canvas . 2016 3000pixel 72dpi

The Creation of Muse
Pure Flower (Lily and Owl)

79.5 x 40cm . oil & digital print on canvas . 2016
Lilium, a combination of the words “Li (white)” and “Lium(flower)” in Latin, has a scientic name lily that means purity, chastity, sacrifice and clean love in the language of flowers. It is also said that the tears that Eve shed when she was driven out of the Garden of Eden together with Adam after a snake tempted them to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge became a lily. A flower that bloomed in the first snow, may it not be easily broken with wisdom.

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