Hazzi [Eun-jeong Kim]
Painting | Photography | Installation | Performance
Born in Korea
2020-present Ph.D. in Fashion Design. SungKyunKwan University. Korea
2006-2010 B.F.A. Degree in Fine Arts. Kyungwon University. Korea
My work is a series of process throwing questions on an existing social convention and custom and finding the beauty of subjectivity and identity moving away from the fixed beauty. I organized a team as a general director of artwork in the team and have been collaborating with experts coming from many fields including photographers, makeup & hair artists, models, Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) designers, etc. I took pictures containing the characters and situations of the motifs obtained from big and small events that had happened among women and completed paintings by harmonizing metaphors symbolizing their identity.
‘Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes)’ and ‘Gisaeng (Korean traditional entertainer)’ are all motifs used as materials for the work to arose subjectivity. ‘Gisaeng: Korean traditional entertainer’ were artisits who were good at calligraphic works and singing and dancing and stars who received a lot of attention and love from the public. But it became a job of women distorted to the representation of waitress by the colonial discourse in the Japanese occupation period. I tried to restore their distorted status as the subject of beauty, not as an object in passive and decorative appearance, by taking pictures of their dignified appearance. ‘Hanbok: Korean traditional clothes’ are different from the dress that emphasizes the beauty of the existing women. Even it covers the part of the body that draws attention, it is a good material to contain the power of the iron fist in the velvet glove in the noble and elegant design.
‘Flowers’ and ‘animals’ are metaphors representing personal identity. flowers, that are in full bloom for a while and gone after leaving a scent, have resemblance to women. Just as violet does not envy rose, every flower on earth has its own beauty. What we have different experiences means that we pursue different desires. They provide you with a viewpoint that allows you to recognize each other’s differences as beauty through flowers with its own language of flower and guardian animals with its own symbolism.
It was possible to complete the work successfully because all the staff who worked with me in the team were old friends of mine and we were all of one mind trusting and supporting each other’s value. A process for finding answers to the questions through communication each other has been a great help for the development of the work.
나의 작업은 기존의 사회적 통념과 관습에 질문을 던지고, 대상화된 아름다움에서 탈피해 주체성과 정체성을 가진 아름다움을 찾아가는 과정이다. 나는 아트웍의 총괄 디렉터가 되어 팀을 구성하고 포토그래퍼, 메이크업&헤어 아티스트, 모델, 한복디자이너 등 각 분야의 전문가들과 협업작업을 진행해왔다. 여성들 사이에 벌어지는 크고 작은 사건에서 모티브를 얻어 캐릭터와 상황을 연출 사진으로 이끌어 내고, 그들의 정체성을 상징하는 메타포들을 조화시켜 페인팅을 완성한다.
작업의 소재로 사용되는 ‘한복’과 ‘기생’은 주체성을 환기시키기 위한 모티브이다. ‘한국의 전통적 엔터테이너 : 기생’은 본래 서화가무에 능한 예술가였으며, 대중에게 관심과 사랑을 한 몸에 받는 스타였다. 하지만 개화기 일본의 식민담론에 의해 타자화 되고 접대부의 표상으로 왜곡되어진 여성의 직업이다. 나는 그들을 수동적이고 장식적인 모습의 응시 대상이 아닌, 당당한 모습으로 담아냄으로서 미의 주체를 되찾아 주고자 했다. ‘한국의 전통 의상 : 한복’은 기존 여성의 아름다움을 부각시키는 드레스와 차별화된 부분을 갖고 있다. 시선의 대상이 되는 부분들은 감추고 있지만, 고귀하고 단아함 속에 외유내강한 힘을 담아내기에 좋은 소재이다.
‘꽃’과 ‘동물’은 개인의 정체성을 대변해주는 메타포이다. 한동안 흐드러지게 피며 향기를 남긴 후 지는 꽃은 여성을 닮아있다. 제비꽃이 장미를 보고 부러워하지 않듯, 세상의 모든 꽃들은 저마다의 아름다움을 가지고 있다. 우리의 경험이 다르다는 것은 각기 추구하고자 하는 욕구가 다르다는 것을 뜻한다. 형형색색의 꽃말을 가진 꽃들과 상징성을 지닌 수호 동물들을 통해 서로의 차이를 아름다움으로 인식할 수 있는 시각을 제시한다.
작업에 참여해준 스태프들은 모두 오래된 친구들이며, 서로의 가치관을 믿고 응원해 주는 마음이 함께 했기에 가능한 일이었다. 교감을 통해 질문에 대한 답을 찾아가는 과정이 작업의 발전에 큰 힘이 되고 있다.
2010 Young Artists Competition Grand Prize. Seong-nam Cultural Foundation
2017 ACNY Art Residency Program. Art Concierge New York (New York, USA)
2020 花樣年華: Shine Bright. Bandal Gallery, Cube Museum, Seong-nam Arts Center (Kyungki, Korea)
2018 2018 Days of Korean Culture ‘Come Closer’. Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Serbia, Belgrade Fashion Week, Prozor Gallery (Belgrade, Serbia)
2016 A Handsome Banquet Of Flowers. ARTSPACE ARTION (Seoul, Korea)
2011 STRANGE & BEAUTIFUL : A Cup Of Cocktail For A One Special Person. Seong-nam Arts Center, Main Gallery (Kyungki, Korea)
Small but Greater Joy. Choi Jung Ah Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
Pil-dong Art Market Project. Space Art1 (Seoul, Korea)
Art Shop with Artists. Gallery Toast (Seoul, Korea)
ART BARGAIN Ⅱ. Gallery Toast (Seoul, Korea)
Imagine, Bungee Jumping. Art Company GIG (Seoul, Korea)
Re Spring. ARTSPACE ARTION (Seoul, Korea)
2016 Exchange. Gallery Soul Ink (Seoul, Korea)
SUNSHINE. JV Flower Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
GIFTY. Toy Republic, Common Ground (Seoul, Korea)
Young & New : Yesterday-Today. Seongnam Arts Center, Cube Gallery (Kyungki, Korea)
A Place Of Paused Moment. GALLERY GRIMSON (Seoul, Korea)
ART SHOW BUSAN 2015. BEXCO (Busan, Korea)
Between People And Love. Gallery Palais de Seoul (Seoul, Korea)
Lights. Gallery Manchurian Violet (Seoul, Korea)
2014 Exchange. Gallery Soul Ink (Seoul, Korea)
Itaewon. Gallery Soul Ink (Seoul, Korea)
2014 ARTIST x ARTISTRY GALLERY PROJECT. Busan International Film Festival, ARTISTrY, Haeun Art Gallery, Amway Gallery (Busan, Kyungki, Korea)
Listen Attentively To You. Gallery Manchurian Violet (Seoul, Korea)
Ladder. Gallery Soul Ink (Seoul, Korea)
Crossing The Border Part.1. Gallery MOA (PAJU, Korea)
Espoir. Gallery Cafe de Paris (Seoul, Korea)
Exchange of equivalents. Gallery Soul Ink (Seoul, Korea)
13PROJECT. MASSISM Gallery No.1 (Seoul, Korea)
100 Of Art Collection. Gallery Lotte (Seoul, Korea)
AVEDA Eco Project : LOVE EARTH, Romantic Planet. The Refinery (Seoul, Korea)
Word & Sentence. Gallery Grow Deep (Seoul, Korea)
AMHERST x The Premium Art Gallery. 63 City Convention Center Grand Ballroom (Seoul, Korea)
BITXH SHOW. Space of Art etc (Seoul, Korea)
2013 Young & New. Seong-nam Arts Center, Cube Gallery (Kyungki, Korea)
Synergy. 5Pointz Art Space (Seoul, Korea)
Remember Me, Art Donation Bazaar for Rescued Animals. Connoi Art Space (Seoul, Korea)
Young Artist Exhibition. Coex Aqua Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
3rd Irodori : with love of Korea, Korean & Japanese Artist Invited Exhibition. Gallery Imagine (Shikoku, Japan)
2nd Irodori : with love of Korea, Korean & Japanese Artist Invited Exhibition. Gallery Imagine (Shikoku, Japan)
KOBE ART MARCHE 2010 #tubumuko. Kobe Portopia Hotel 14F (Kobe, Japan)
The 5th Faces Of Seong-nam, Young Artist Award Winner Exhibition. Seong-nam Arts Center (Main Gallery) (Kyungki, Korea)
Exhibition related to Jongno Hanbok Festival . Jongno City Gallery. Jongno-gu, Jongno Foundation for Arts & Culture, Sungkyunkwan University (Department of Fashion Design) (Seoul, Korea)
Public Art Project: ‘Our Village Art’ Pop-up Arts Seongnam. Ministry of Culture_Sports and Tourism, Seong-nam Cultural Foundation, Openspace BLOCK’s, Arts Council Korea (Seongnam, Korea)
International Advertising collaboration with ASIANA Airlines. Ministry of Culture, Korean Artists Welfare Foundation
Movie Art Work, Mural Painting. Studio Tong, Film Idaltu (Korea)
Canvas Bag Collaboration. Looksee Optical (Korea)
Jeju City Hall Mural Project (graffiti work). Jeju Tap-dong Cinema (Jeju, Korea)
Beautiful Companion : People of So-rok Island, talent donation for mural work. National So-rok Island Hospital (Jeon-nam, Korea)
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